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Release the Writer

Who knew there was a writer lying dormant inside of me? When I received an email inviting me to be part of collaborative book project. I sighed, and took a breather, and prepared myself to say NO! The reason for wanting to pass on this writing project, just one month prior to receiving this email. My mother died June 3, 2018, and when I received the email one month later, I wanted to say to my friend that I was still grieving. Then a small voice spoke and said, "you better do this, this opportunity may never roll around back to you again." I truly felt it was my mother speaking to me at that moment. I then took a deep breath and started typing yes, that I would love the opportunity to be a part of the writing project. Then by January 2019, the book was completed and ready for launching. I am extremely proud of myself and listening to the small voice when it spoke. Never underestimate the power of yourself, if you have the will to write, then write. I have always wanted to write a book; it had been such a longing dream of mine. #Influence #Success #Women #Word #Influential #Chronicles

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